Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby Gift Set

Ok, so now that the apron give-away is over and the craft fair is over, I'm on to more projects!

I just made a onesie and 2 coordinating burpies for a baby gift, and I think they turned out quite nice. I think I'll add the baby's name, but wanted to take a picture of it before I embroidered on it.

The Big Creek Fair was a lot of fun. I shared a booth with a friend and we really enjoyed ourselves. We both learned a lot about setting up and displaying items, so it was a great experience for both of us!

I am really excited to tell you all that I now have a store on etsy!! You can go to and look under the sellers for julieklewis...that's me!!! I'll try to post a link on here as well. Right now, I don't have a lot posted on there, but hope to add more soon. I have to get a lot of pictures taken so that I can upload them into the store. If you have never been on etsy, you are in for a real treat!!

Take a look and let me know what you think of it!

Another project that I hope to post on here soon is a t-shirt blanket that I am making for a friend. She brought me a lot of her children's old t-shirts. I have cut them up and am making a blanket out of them. I'll show you the finished project, hopefully this week!

Have a great week, and remember to pass this blog on to your friends.
I'm trying to think of another fun give-away...any ideas??

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