Friday, October 2, 2009

Cookie Kits!

Ok, so yes, it has been almost a month since I've updated my blog.
We got a ton of rain here in Atlanta just a couple of weeks ago, and my basement flooded. God was with us, because I cleaned up the basement the night of the flood and that saved a lot of our stuff! If I hadn't, then a lot of the kids toys and my sewing stuff would have been ruined. Fortunately, we didn't loose too much. I have seen others with a ton of devastation, so I am very thankful that ours wasn't to that extreme...

Now, on to fun stuff!!! I have been baking lately and want to share it with you all. I did a "Cookie Kit" for a preschool Fall Festival. They wanted 5 dozen sugar cookies cut out in the shapes of pumpkins and leaves. I did buttercream icing and 3 different kinds of sprinkles for the kids to decorate with. Here are the pictures of them! I would love to see what the end result is, but probably won't.

Here are the cookies, sprinkles and icing!

And, here is the final product all packaged up and ready to be picked up.
I sure hope the kids have fun with them!

I think this would be fun for a birthday party, don't you?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Okay, I have been so busy. We are getting our house ready to put on the market, so I haven't been able to do much sewing. However, my friend has! You will see some more of her precious dresses and hairbows for sale on a look!

We are offering specials on Fridays. Every Friday, it will be something different! This week it is hairbows.....see the picture

Aren't they cute??? These are on ponytail holders, but can be made on clips too.

We are also going to post some Yellow Jacket dresses and UGA dresses on there for football season, so stay on the lookout for those!

Oh, and the teachers loved the cookies that I took them during pre-planning...the picture from a previous post!

I am also getting ready for a couple of shows coming up in the next couple of weeks. Let's see, what else can I add to my plate? No, you don't have to answer that!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Whew, I've been a busy bee lately! I just got some things posted on my new etsy store. You'll have to take a peek. The store is and has just a few things on there.
Like this toile dress, but you'll have to go to the store to see the check it out!

Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for these beautiful dresses. I did not make these. But, my friend did! She is awesome and has some of the cutest dresses for little girls that I have ever seen!

I also spent the good part of Monday making these...

Since I am not teaching preschool this year, I had to make these cookies for those who are. This week is pre-planning week for them, so I thought this would be a nice treat for them. I had so much fun making them, it was so relaxing and I learned a lot while making them. I can't wait for an excuse to make more! If I bake more, I'll be sure to let you all know.

If you have any ideas for my etsy store, let me know!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby Gift Set

Ok, so now that the apron give-away is over and the craft fair is over, I'm on to more projects!

I just made a onesie and 2 coordinating burpies for a baby gift, and I think they turned out quite nice. I think I'll add the baby's name, but wanted to take a picture of it before I embroidered on it.

The Big Creek Fair was a lot of fun. I shared a booth with a friend and we really enjoyed ourselves. We both learned a lot about setting up and displaying items, so it was a great experience for both of us!

I am really excited to tell you all that I now have a store on etsy!! You can go to and look under the sellers for julieklewis...that's me!!! I'll try to post a link on here as well. Right now, I don't have a lot posted on there, but hope to add more soon. I have to get a lot of pictures taken so that I can upload them into the store. If you have never been on etsy, you are in for a real treat!!

Take a look and let me know what you think of it!

Another project that I hope to post on here soon is a t-shirt blanket that I am making for a friend. She brought me a lot of her children's old t-shirts. I have cut them up and am making a blanket out of them. I'll show you the finished project, hopefully this week!

Have a great week, and remember to pass this blog on to your friends.
I'm trying to think of another fun give-away...any ideas??

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big Creek Craft Fair

Ok, the craft fair is this Saturday, August 22nd
from 9-4 at First Redeemer Church in Cumming, GA.....
come see us if you can!
Katie (Musette's Whimsey) will be with me in booth #8

Now, for the newest pictures. I have made some little girl aprons...
want to see???
I am also considering opening up a store on
What do you think?

Monday, August 17, 2009

And the winner is....

The winner for my very first giveaway is.....
Congratulations Tina!

I used the generator to get my winner. It is a pretty cool little doodad.
I will contact Tina to find out her favorite color scheme and get her apron to her, then I'll post a picture of her choice.

Stay tuned for more giveaways and more new projects from me!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to School Special

Yours Truly Designs is offering a really neat back to school special. You can go to their website to see the new products for the fall and see the special. There are really cool notepads for school, notes to your kids and teachers, even envelopes to send to the school so the note stays private! There are still the "From the mom of" notepads that every mom needs.

Check out the website by clicking sure to add me (Julie Lewis) as your consultant when you checkout!

More aprons to come, Christmas and just plain fun ones too! Be sure to pass this along to your friends. Here's the deal with the free apron...when I have at least 20 people comment on this post, I will use to select a winner for the apron!!! 20 must leave a comment by Monday, August 17th. Make sure to leave your email so that I can contact you when you win!!
Good luck!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

right around the corner...

School is just around the corner here in the Atlanta area! I can't believe it. I will have one in 3rd grade and one starting Kindergarten. But, I still have one at home with me!

It is time to order your "From the Mom of" notepads! One notepad for all of your children. Go to or click here to look at the samples. You can choose stick figures for each of your children! It is a fun and easy way to send a note to your child's teacher that represents your family.

Remember to put my name: Julie Lewis in the consultant section, or you can email me from the website with your order or any questions that you have!

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

back in the groove...

This is an apron that I made for a friend whose husband has a Chick-fil-a...
she wanted one to wear to the different events at Chick-fil-a.
I think it turned out pretty cute!

I am back from the beach and all-star tournaments! We had a great time, but I am ready to get sewing again. I have been fabric shopping and have found some adorable fabric to use.
Here are some photos of the new aprons that I have made. I am trying to get them ready for a craft fair in August, so I must sew, sew and sew.

Let me know what you think! Pass this along to your friends and I will give away an apron to a lucky winner at some point in the near future!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I need your help...

So, I think I am going to do a craft fair with a friend...hmmmm...what should I make. Aprons? Bags? Burp cloths? Nursing Cover-ups? HELP!! Any ideas would be great. I'll see if I can get some pictures from her to show you all what cute stuff she makes, so....stay tuned!

Leave your ideas in the comments section below to help me out. Tell your friends and family about my new blog. Once I have enough people commenting, I will start having give-aways!!! I just love free stuff. Most likely, you all like freebies too!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What's new?

Ok, so this is the first patchwork bag that I have done...ever! I think I like it. It was an order for a baby shower gift. I think it turned out quite "girly". And, Braelyn is a really cute name!

I am always looking for new ways to create handmade (mostly sewn) items. The photo above is a new apron that I tried out a few weeks ago...the photo was taken by my 5 year old daughter.

This is a diaper bag that I made a while back for a customer. At the time, pink and brown was the "thing".

Ok, so I have also made somewhat of a "career change". I am now a consultant for a company called "Yours Truly Designs". They create the most adorable stationery I have seen! You MUST check them out on the web. Your options are endless...and they even have the "from the mom of" notepads where you can choose your stick figure kids and add them to the paper. LOVE IT!! I do have an email that goes out every now and then to my customers, if you would like to be added to the list, you can post a response with your email.

Here goes!

Ok, I am new to all of this, but want to give it a shot.

I love to sew and bake, so I thought I would create my own blog for my hobbies. I also love to get ideas from others, and want to post information that I feel is "useful" in hobbyland.

Bear with me as I venture down this new road!