Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Katherine Melissa is here!

My newest niece arrived a few weeks ago.  Her name is Katherine Melissa Thomas.  Katherine is after one of my Grandmothers and Melissa is my sister-in-law's name.

Of course, I made it to the hospital when little Katherine was born.  BUT, I didn't get to see her.  I had to get home to tend to my own 3 children, but told them all about her size and what I did know about her.  Fortunately, my schedule allowed me to see Katherine the next day and I got to hold her for about an hour with no interruptions!  I just absolutely LOVE tiny babies :)

So, my children were very anxious to meet their newest cousin.  They had today off from school, so we took the hour long trip to see them.  Oh, it was so worth the trip...always is!  They are a precious little family.  My brothers all picked great wives...good taste runs in the family (wink, wink).  Back to my story...their oldest daughter is in Kindergarten and had school today, so my children were very excited for her to get home from school so that they could play for a while.  During their "playtime", I was able to shoot a few photos of Katherine and thought I would share some with you all.

Isn't she beautiful! 

This precious blanket was a gift for her older sister when she was born.

This photo has 2 very special bibles in the background.  
They belonged to Katherine's great-grandparents, how sweet!

This is my personal favorite.  I just love babies feet, don't you?!?  
So, I had to take this photo when my SIL brought out the pearls.  And, they were Katherine's great-grandmother's pearls.  I am just so sentimental and things like this really mean a lot to me.

I had a blast "playing" today at my brother and SIL's house with this precious new life.  There are a lot more photos, but I'll save those for Katherine's parents :)

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