Saturday, July 10, 2010

New project: Journal Cover

Yay!!  I have a new project...journal covers.  This is an awesome project because it can be for boys or girls, men or women.  The one that I made is for ME!  I love journals and am in desperate need of a prayer made a cover for one of those ugly composition books that you can get really cheap.  Here is how it turned out...

What do you think?  Need a little closer look???
I just love the ragged ruffle and the button adds just a little something extra.  You can always add an initial or word on it somewhere, or do it in camo for a boy!
Oh, how my mind is spinning with ideas right now.

I will be adding this to my etsy shop along with this set below...

So, check out my etsy shop when you have a minute.
Here's the link...
It's called "A Little Whimsey".  
I like to add a little whimsey to my life and think everyone should at some point! 
Have an awesome weekend!!


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  2. Hi Julie! I love this journal cover, I'm going to try it out with my own journal. Thanks for checking out Adventures In Creating. Cute blog by the way!