Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hair Bow making class!!

So, today I had a blast with some of my friends.  Every couple of months, I hold a sewing class in my home.  It is usually about 6 ladies, their machines, a fabric kit and a tutorial that I created.  We all sit down for a couple of hours and have a great time.

Well, this time, we decided to to a hair bow making class.  My friend Darlene (Designedbydarlene on FB) makes beautiful bows, so she taught the class.  She provided ribbon to practice with and the girls paid $5 to take the class (which included a kit to make a double bow).

Here are some photos of the class...

Here are the girls!  Darlene is the one in brown standing up, showing us all what to do :)

Here are two girls holding their ribbon "just so" in order to get the ribbon "peenched" (southern for pinched) just right to make the perfect hair bow.

Here's my table with all of the supplies laid out...of course, my coffee in the bottom left corner is a necessary "supply".

And one more time, in case we didn't get it the other 50 times, here's Darlene showing us exactly how to hold our ribbon to get the best bow.

In all seriousness, she is amazing!  She makes beautiful bows that she does sell and she makes beautiful dresses for little girls that she also sells.  Here is an example of her clothing:

Turn your head to the right and you will get the idea.  Again, she is designedbydarlene (all one word) on Facebook.  Let her know that It's Sew Fun sent you!


  1. Terrific Class!! This will save me a ton of $$. Thanks to you both!!

  2. This was a fun attempt at becoming crafty! Thanks so much for hosting.