Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pillows!

Happy New Year!!!  
I cannot believe that it is really 1-1-11 already, WOW time flies!

I have spent most of the day in the bed not feeling well today, but I absolutely HAD to make something.  My daughter is going to lose her first tooth this week.  How do I know that?  Because I have scheduled a tooth extraction for Thursday.  She is nervous and excited at the same time.  When my oldest lost his first tooth, I made him a tooth fairy pillow out of 2 hemstitched cocktail napkins.  Here is what his looked like....

The little fabric pocket at the bottom is a "pirate" theme...only because I had that on hand already and it seemed right for a 6 year old.

My daughter has been asking for her tooth fairy pillow for a while now, even though none of her teeth have been loose.  So, I made hers today.  Here it is...
The same brown cocktail napkins with a polka dot fabric pocket and "McKinsey's Tooth" embroidered in green.  I love her ribbon...a brown ruffle ribbon paired with a thinner cupcake ribbon.  This ribbon set ties around the doorknob or bed post, while Jackson's was one ribbon that simply hung without tying.

After I finished hers and pulled Jackson's back out, I realized that I used the same color thread for their personalization.  I guess the little one will have one in green also, when his time comes :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a very blessed 2011...I look forward to see what God has in store for my family this year!

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  1. Great idea! This turned out really cute! Thanks for linking up!