Friday, September 17, 2010

Faithful Friday...Good News!!

This week has been a really great week with lots of awesome things happening!  First of all, my husband got a job and started today, sigh of relief.  Yes, God answered that prayer. 

And, one of my SIL's had her 2nd baby yesterday.  Her name is Katherine, after my precious grandmother who I know is smiling down from heaven.  Yes, answer to another prayer.

And, yes there is more, we started a really cool thing at church this week.  Our preacher preached on Sunday morning on Genesis 1:26-27.  As a congregation, we were asked to take those verses, along with the notes from the sermon and a few other verses and study them over the week.  I know that may sound tedious, but it is really neat.  Chris and I would talk about about what we read and what the Holy Spirit was teaching us about the verses.  Well, of course, we were getting totally different things out of the cool!!  That is the point in this whole process.  We are to study the Word separately and then on Sunday morning, we will gather together in Bible Study to talk about what the Holy Spirit revealed to us individually.  It all ties into one theme, which is what the preacher preached on the previous week.  I have learned so much in just the first week of this and am absolutely loving it.

The Lord is really speaking to me about putting on the "Full Armor of Christ" every single day so that I can take a stand against whatever Satan may throw my way!

This is something that we are doing as a whole church for the next 12 weeks.  It has really challenged everyone to get into the Word and really meditate on what God says.

I challenge you to try this in your spiritual life.  Take whatever verses your preacher preaches on, along with your notes and review them every day throughout the week.  You will have an awesome time with the Lord and I am sure that you will learn something new.

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