Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Girl Necklace

It has been a week or so since my last post...sick kids, Women of Faith, crazy schedule, excuses, excuses, excuses!!! 

I want to show you what I have been working on lately.  I have been stamping sterling silver! is so fun and I just love the finished product.  This particular one has to be one of my favorites so far, so I will share it with you.

It is a 1/2" sterling silver disc that I stamped a 1/4" "M" onto and domed the disc.  I added a cute little green crystal that sits right inside of the domed disc.  This one is for my daughter and is the perfect size for a little girl or for an adult who likes dainty pieces.

I am giving one away on my Facebook page.  It is called "A Little Whimsey".  Check it out!  The winner will be whoever refers the most friends who "like" the page.  You must leave a comment on the page letting me know who referred you, so that I can choose the winner.  Head on over and refer your friends!

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