Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's Tip...fabric stash!

So, do you remember the photo of my "fabric stash"??  Let me remind you...

Now, do you remember?  Ok, and remember the foam boards that I purchased from my favorite craft store?

Yes, those 20 x 30 boards.  Well, I cut them into 10 x 10 squares and 10 x 5 rectangles to hold my fabric, to make little "bolts" of fabric.  Here is how it turned out...

So, you have to turn your head to the left or your computer screen.  For some reason, my photo upload is rotating my photo and I cannot fix it...ugh!!  I am sorry about that.  But, can you see the little bolts of fabric lined on my wire shelves??  I have a couple of stacks with fabric that would not fit on a bolt and a basket of scraps for appliques, etc.  At the bottom, I have some unfinished projects in buckets...hope I get to those little projects at some point!

I love the bolts!  Now, I can see exactly what fabric I have and can try to use that up before purchasing more...probably not gonna happen.

Thanks for stopping by for Tuesday's Tip!  Hope it inspires you to organize your fabric stash.

1 comment:

  1. ha ha ha!! it never happens that way, Julie! But it is just great what you have done. I need to do that too! :)