Tuesday, August 17, 2010

kitchen tips...

So, I have decided to devote today to "kitchen tips"...organization, that is.

For a long time, I wondered how in the world to organize all of my "gadgets".  Well, with help from  my mom, I organize my gadgets in tiny little bucket container type thingamajigs.  See...

This drawer holds my measuring spoons, apple corer/cutter, cutting boards and some children's medicine droppers. I love my polkadot measuring spoons, they are my favorite.  (yes, I went to a pottery place and painted them)

This drawer holds my wooden spoons, spatulas, and other misc items.  Notice the plastic containers?  I am a sucker for containers of any kind!  I have one for my measuring spoons, one for wooden spoons, spatulas, so on and so on.

Then, I also keep a pitcher on my counter with all of my utensils for non-stick cookware.  Now that I see all of this in pictures, why in the world do I have all of this?  Are you like me, and a collector of kitchen gadgets?  That isn't even all of my "stash".  We listed our house a while back and I cleaned out.  I think I need to do that again!

Now, I asked some friends on FB how they organize their kitchen.  Here is what some of them said:

Bridget keeps a little basket under her counter with all of her measuring spoons and cups.  I like that idea because I LOVE baskets!

Stephanie and Rachel both use metal containers on the counter for cooking utensils.  Metal is always good because it goes with everything.  Stephanie also puts cereal into the sealed containers to do away with bulky cereal boxes!  When the cereal gets low, they simply add a different flavor and mix it all up.  How fun is that for her kids!

Then, my mom and Rachel both like to organize their pantry using containers.  Funny story here:  my mom has used sealed containers for crackers, sugar and other things like that.  But, recently, there was something that she didn't put into a sealed container and she came home to find tiny little moths EVERYWHERE!  Ugh, she was not happy.  But, she learned that everything needs to be removed from original packaging and put into sealed containers.  I have followed in her footsteps (great ones, I might add), and started using sealed containers for lots of things.

If you have any kitchen organizing tips, please share them.  We would all love to hear how others organize!

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, and next week, we will have an awesome giveaway!  I'll share more details later :)


  1. love it! heading to the dollar store for some drawer organizers!!!

  2. love ur tips and yes i have so many utensils! i also have the same blue pitcher but i keep dishwasher detergent packets hidden in there :)