Monday, August 23, 2010

Name Banner

I am so excited about my new little project!!  I friend of mine at church, just had a precious baby girl.  This great thought popped into my head:  Oh, I can make her a name banner and hang it on their door to welcome baby Carolina home!

So, I got busy and here is what I came up with:
I played around with a lot of colors first, and didn't like it.  Then, remembering how much I love pink and brown, I decided to try that instead.  I like it so much more than the other one.  It was pink, purple and green.
I added the baby's birth date at the bottom.  Now, they can use it as a wall hanging or pull it our for Carolina's future birthday parties.

Confession here:  I didn't make it to their house before they came home from the hospital.  So, it will go with me when I take them a meal this week.

While I was brainstorming this whole personalized banner thingy, I was looking at painters canvas on rolls.  WOW, is that stuff expensive!!  So, while I was in a fabric shop (shocking) with my mom (shocking yet again), I came across this fabric that is white out.  It is a very thick fabric with a cream side and a smooth white side.  I painted on the white side.  Let me just say that it was so easy to paint on and dried really fast!  If you are going to make one of these little things, I highly recommend the fabric instead of the canvas.  Much less expensive!!

One more photo:

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