Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday's Tips!

I am so excited to bring you a new post!  Every Tuesday, I will be posting organizing tips.  They will either be tips that I use, have found or others have shared with me.  If you have any, feel free to send them my way.

School starts next Monday for 2 of my kids, so I thought "what an appropriate time to get organized".  Hmmm, seems that I "think" that every year at this time and in January.  Maybe I will actually implement these tips to help keep get my home organized.

This first tip is from a friend of mine, Debbie.  She has three boys in her household...two of them are her kids and the other is her husband.  They are such a neat family, so I wanted to share her tip with you!

She has 4 color coded bins/baskets/containers at the bottom of her stairs.  Each color is for a different person in the house.  Throughout the day, she will toss miscellaneous items, that need to be put away, into the appropriate container.  At the end of the day, each person takes their basket to their bedroom and puts those items away.
I love this!  She lives in a 2 story house, so she has stairs to her bedrooms, and this works well.  I live in a ranch style house, so I think I need to have cute containers outside of each bedroom.

Here is what her tip looks like:

Debbie also noted under her photo that if company comes, the bins go to the bedrooms early.

Look how they fit perfectly beside her stairs in the foyer!  Thanks for the great tip, Debbie!!

Keep your eyes open for a special post series starting on Friday..."Faithful Fridays".  Each Friday, I hope to share a special bible verse or short devotional that the Lord has used to speak to me throughout the week.

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  1. I love that idea. Unfortunately, the way my stairs are, I don't have room to put the baskets beside them. Do you think if I put a basket on each stair they would get emptied out or tripped over? Hmmmm... something to think about.

  2. Love this idea! I do it too, but I added tags with a picture of the basket's owner and tied them onto the baskets with jute, just to dress them up a bit.

  3. Nancy, I have seen the baskets made for stairs...very cute!
    Wendy, love the photo tip!!

  4. Great idea. We had a phase were stuff sat on the stairs and we walked past it. The bins are a great idea. Thanks