Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stamped Jewelry

Not too long ago, I decided to try hand stamping jewelry.  Surprise, surprise...I LOVE IT!!

It is not too difficult to learn, but purchasing the tools can be costly.  Here are some pieces that I have created for others...

Don't you love the simplicity of this?  JOY is my favorite word, so yes, this piece is mine!  It reminds me that true joy can only come from Jesus.  Since I have a relationship with Jesus, I can have "joy" in my life even during the most difficult times when I am not "happy".

This is another one of my favorites.  Have you heard Chris Tomlin's song "Amazing Love"?  Well, that is where the inspiration for this piece came from.  God's love is truly amazing!!

Yes, this one says "GODIVA" in chocolates!  When my aunt saw my piece that said "JOY" and I explained that joy is my favorite word, she commented that she needed one that said "CHOCOLATE".  My mind started spinning with how I could fit CHOCOLATE on a piece.  There are too many letters to fit on the tag, so I opted for "GODIVA".  She loves this!!  It is so fun and whimsical.

Here is another whimsical piece..."CUTE as a button".  The tiny disc in the center is punched to look like a button.  My daughter wears this one with her colorful outfits.

I have many more to show you, but I won't bore you with the other photos.  If you would like to have one of these for yourself, let me know.  Obviously, they can be custom stamped to suit your personality.

Thanks for stopping by!

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